(Blood) Bath in Shinkanzen

Even if it may sounds strange to mortals, event took place in old church from 17th century. 

Even if it may sound strange to mortals, believe that everything is connected and Underworld has a plan for how to spread the plague, 

.....and believe everything has a deeper meaning that only immortals can ever understand.

The scent of this awful holiness was so intense although very familiar and reminds us our past, which we are not allowed to talk about since it is forbidden to return for fallen ones.

This disgusting scent destroyed our mood, but even through this whole celestial feel, Underworld took over the place and immediately change it into demonic nest and turned brightness into darkness.

Besides selling your soul to one of our Underworld Demons, you could buy some of our relics (read jewelry).

If you had enough luck to be able to see this seance live and have not been sacrificed, you could notice that after one of our demon lords put relics on all unholy slaves (read models), relics immediately took control over their souls and enslave them for eternity.

Only the chosen ones could see dark aureolas over their heads that will impact their life path until their corrupted souls will be consumed by flames of the Underworld Hell.

Purgatory gatekeeper will notice imprinted devil sign on their chest from keeping Underworld relics and prepare them for eternal purge. 

Keeping Underworld relics cause endless pleasure, but only one way how you can escape this almost inevitable terrifying demise, is to return relic back to Underworld treasurer. 

Either way, their lives will not be same anymore.